4/25/20 ||| Uneze is born + other soothing oddities

•••I spent pretty much all of today fiddling with this blog•••

Originally I started a post about the process of writing and it’s overall arc in my life. It was just supposed to be a few key thoughts and then a few included links wit some of quipping but the damn thing kept sprawling on and on and now it’s some kind of monster that may never make it out of “draft” status. So as of yet I have nothing to show for these missing hours beyond this blog having a whole new domain name than I had yesterday. Uneze.com is a URL I’ve had on lock for a couple years; I’ve been floundering on just what to use it for and it hit me today this was the prefect title for this blog. I could have saved myself a couple bags of hours and a 12 dollar-bill had dawned on me before blitzing my way forward with Ericommeneded.com. But that’s just the way spigot spews sometimes. So in brief…

•••Something Hopeful, maybe•••

In the forefront of my mind is a couple recent articles that were in the NYtimes. Both reads trigger my most hopeful intuitions that Trump and his odd momentum HAS TO implode at some point. In what universe can this impossible and senseless drama play out day by day without consequence?


•••Yoga Ruins Your Life•••

I’ve been hooked on hot-yoga for two years come July. I’m not a fanatic and not all that interested in the crazy, fancy stuff but there’s an amazingly refreshing and reinvigorating feeling after a hot session of power stretching. Yoga benefits the mind as much as the body. A friend of mine, a yoga teacher and true fanatic sent me this quick little video. The Richard Freeman monologue that floats above all the pained looking participants is really what gets me. The rest just looks like it hurts though I assure you that although I can’t execute a fraction of what these yogi’s are doing, it’s anything but painful.

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