04/22/20 ||| Ericommended

 ••• Eric Recommended = Eric0mmended. Get it? •••

I think have an idea that I believe will serve us both well… Probably me more than you but still.
For starters I will be leaving WordPress open in my browser from now on. Typically I always have an iPad setup on a table ready with a Bluetooth keyboard so with the slightest inclination I can jot down thoughts or write journal entries. I could, and often do, do this on my laptop but I find there it complicates things. The ease of plunging myself into an infinite amount of knowledge is often too great. Of course an iPad provides the same temptation but the workflow with those things tends to be more of a pain-in-the-ass affair. It’s just easier for me to stay put on an iPad.

The point I will try to get to without any more unnecessary tangents: EricOmennended is my “daily briefing” of what’s good of what I find throughout the day. Like many of you, everyday I’m happening across great articles, videos, podcasts and music. Once consumed they mostly fall into oblivion. There is definitely value in having a personal archive and that’s why I write in a journal. I’ve been doing that off and on throughout my life but it’s only this last half a decade that I’ve been getting more fervent about it.

To me time is a mystery. It comes and goes and doesn’t always leave proof it was ever here. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I even existed 10 years ago. My nightly dreams often feel more real than the scanty memories of my past. Somewhat later in life I learned the value of keeping a personal record. Not sure exactly the point it dawned on me but I wish it had been sooner. Reading entries from even a few years ago is sometimes like reading the writings of someone else who lives one dimension removed from ours. What’s really great is how even some of the most simple accounts such as “I woke at 8:30am and went to the dentist appointment” can unlock tons of surrounding images and supporting memories that also happened that day. It’s the same as trying to remember some weird dream where one silly detail can help the whole thing bloom into existence again.

That said I’m mostly going to be using this to post “stuff” I find during the day and probably won’t get too crazy with prose or proofing for that matter. These entries will be more of an extension of my personal journals which would bore you to tears I’m sure.

••• 2/21 ‘Letters From an American’ Post •••

Anyways the first thing I want to mention was sitting in my inbox when I woke up. My last couple posts were about Heather Cox Richardson and I think she’ll prob be a fixture here since her work is a fixture in my information funnel. Her blog “Letters From an American” is just too good.  >>>> https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/april-21-2020

••• Joe Rogan w/ Tom O’Neill •••

Though I’m getting pissed with Joe Rogan these days (he promises to vote for Trump because Biden is too decrepit. My beef is that a comatose Biden would fare better than this noxious mouth-scab running train on democracy) but he does still tend to have on great guests even as the onslaught of CV19 rages on. I’ve been listening to this interview for a few days via the apple podcast app. Prior to this I knew little to nothing about the Manson murders and didn’t care that much. But this guy, Tom O’Neill has uncovered all kinds of government conspiracies and secret groups dating back to the 50’s. Not to be filed under ‘conspiracy theory bullshit’ tho. Its not. This dude has been investigating these murders, Charlie, and FBI for 20 freaking years. It’s wild. He cites real sources and has the proof in hand. It’s a long one but well worth it.

 ••• Wired – Hold the Line •••

I’ve been getting wired magazine for years and I have no idea why but I’m glad I do. I typically read these cover to cover. Although having them around is killing my book reading rate it’s still worth it. The newest issue came a couple of days ago and as is now customary I let it sit under my shoe rack for a few days. Supposedly this kills any Covid-19 virus that may be attached. Anyways the first article, a letter from the editor type thing, is well worth blogging about.