Trust Smart People Pt.2

Yesterday I bopped off a quick piece intended as an excuse to post a link to the wonderful blog site “Letters From An American”; authored by Heather Cox Richardson. Supposing’ I didn’t really need an excuse to post a link on my own blog but it seemed bit lazy to without some sort of a preamble.

This morning however I stumbled into the same long patch of thoughts I was treading in last night but this time more intention was warranted than I previously allowed. Guess I wasn’t quite done. In the end I think I stole some phrases and direct thoughts from yesterday’s post but I don’t mind. Consider them one in the same; the second being a better developed extension, or a first draft that was prematurely published.

Here’s the entire post that I put onto my personal facebook page a few minutes ago:

When it comes to following the daily happenings most of us are getting worn dangerously thin and right now just isn’t the time for our collective indifference. I totally get the urge to disengage. Everyday we’re faced with a whole new heap of problems thrown on top of yesterday’s heap of unresolved problems… ad infinitum. Tracking reality has become overwhelming and begins to seem impossible to the frazzled brain. At times it feels like we’re blindfolded and barreling towered the center of the earth on a hyper-speed rocket launched in exactly the wrong direction. Exhaustion in this state is pretty much inevitable; there’s really nothing more fatiguing and unmotivating that not knowing what the fuck is going on when caught in a crisis that is directly impacting your life in every way. Here are a three simple rules I have established for myself that have helped me tremendously. #1) Limit intake of US big-media; esp the extreme left and right. #2) Don’t take anything Kim Jong Trump says seriously or anyone under his erratic sway for that matter. Unfortunately even the good Dr. Fauci is restricted to what “truths” he’s allowed to express on any given day. And anyways Dear Leader is using the pandemic as a way to secure his reelection (god-fucking-forbid) instead of trying to help us through this in the most efficient manner possible. Everything he says is being filtered through the twisted prism of his selfish interests and gross narcissism. #3) Listen to SMART people not beholden to the main-stream narrative. Folks who are free to criticize all manner of political viewpoints, leaders and financial interests without fear of retribution. The internet has thankfully provided the cover for the independent mind. We have access to innumerable up-standing, honest humans with powerful; finely calibrated brains that are trying to understand and pass on to us, what is ACTUALLY going on. There’s one bright light in this obscure star-field I wanna turn you guys on to. Heather Cox Richardson, an American historian and best selling author, who is writing some of the most coherent and thoughtful takes on our current situation. Please check out her fantastic blog “Letters From an American” then sign up for her email updates. The times are dark and we have a bonafide maniac ranting from the captains-chair; slyly dismantling our democracy and his presidential constraints as our eyes slowly glaze over. Now just isn’t the time to look away. – and thx to Jodie J. for hipping me to this site. It’s a been great dose of daily sanity.

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